Takoyaki Sauce

About Otafuku Takoyaki sauce

Takoyaki is a popular Japanese dish commonly eaten as a street food, and can be found at festival food stalls throughout the country — but it's also a fantastic party food to make at home with friends or family. Although boiled tako (octopus) is the dish's signature ingredient, it's far from essential — this is a dish that very flexible.

The light taste of our takoyaki sauce has been carefully perfected to highlight takoyaki’s flavors rather than overwhelming them. Otafuku Takoyaki Sauce is made using bonito dashi stock and soy sauce for an authentic Japanese taste that stays true to takoyaki’s origins in the city of Osaka.

Contains no MSG. Certified bonito ingredients comply with EU HACCP.

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Recipes that use Otafuku Takoyaki Sauce

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