Modelcase, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is a company which provides website production service, web-based marketing service web-based branding service, website consulting service, and other services on the internet, and the Company thereby fully recognizes the importance of the personal information of the Company’s clients which the Company obtains and handles through its business activities, and such information as a part of its critical information assets for its business activities.

In addition, the Company fully recognizes the protection of personal information of its clients as well as its employees is an important social responsibility.
The Company shall establish this Privacy Policy as a part of its Codes of Practice that should be complied by all of the Company’s officers and employees in order to ensure that important personal information is handled appropriately and securely, and the Company shall ensure the thorough compliance of the policy into the future.

  1. In order to ensure the thorough compliance of the Japanese laws and regulations, guidelines provided by the national government, as well as other regulations concerning the protection of personal information, the Company shall establish the personal information protection and management system pursuant to JIS-Q 15001, Japanese Industrial Standards' "Requirements for Personal Information Protection Management Systems” and ensure the appropriate enforcement of the policy to all of the personal information that the Company handles for its business activities as well as those of its officers and employees.
  2. The Company shall clarify the purpose of use, and possibility of providing the personal information, which it obtains beforehand, and it shall use such information within the scope as consented by the persons who have agreed to provide their personal information, and apply the preventive measures for such information to be used outside of the purpose.
  3. The Company shall ensure that it appoints the contractor(s) or any other third parties that satisfy the sufficient protection criteria, in the event the Company outsources the handing of the personal information which obtained through the measures as set forth in the previous item, in whole or in part, to contractors or in the event the Company provides the personal information to third parties, and shall include appropriate measures in the appropriate contracts, etc.
  4. The Company shall establish the reasonable security management measures and appropriate corrective measures, such as procedures for appropriately managing personal information acquired and for preventive measures for the risks of losses, destruction, falsification, and leakage of such information.
  5. The Company shall appropriately handle any complaints or concerns concerning its practice on the protection of personal information at the following contact.
  6. The Company shall handle the request for disclosure, correction, deletion, and discontinuation of the use of the personal information of the person who has filed such a request without delay.
  7. The Company shall continue to review and improve its personal information protection and management system, in order to ensure the proper use of the personal information and to apply proper protection, in order to cope with the changes to take place in the social and economic climates.

Prescribed on: May 1, 2011
Last revised on: February 1, 2014
Modelcase, Inc.

Masaki Kawamura, Representative Director

Inquiries concerning the Company’s handling of Personal Information shall be directed to:
Modelcase, Inc., Personal Information Manager
Tel: 03-5369-1035; Fax: 03-5369-1036

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